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Postal Transformation

2010 Mailing Industry Job Study
Updated Thu Jul 02 12:00:13 MDT 2015
The objective of the study is to update the 2008 profile of the U.S. mailing industry; Determine national number of jobs and sales revenue; Provide a distribution of jobs and sales revenue by state; Provide a distribution of jobs and sales revenue by congressional district
2012 Mailing Industry Job Study
Updated Thu Jul 02 12:05:07 MDT 2015
The Mailing Industry is the backbone of the American economy and what happens in the Mailing Industry echoes throughout the entire economy.
2015 EMA Mailing Industry Job Study
Updated Tue Dec 15 13:18:25 MST 2015
National Survey - Electronic Mail vs. Paper Mail
Updated Thu Jul 02 10:43:32 MDT 2015
The Envelope Manufacturers Association (EMA) engaged Wilson Research Strategies to conduct a research study of adults nationwide to determine their preferences of electronic versus envelope mailing in bill paying and other personal financial transactions
Ensuring a Viable Postal Service for America
Updated Wed Jul 01 09:39:49 MDT 2015
For over 200 years, the Postal Service has fulfilled its mission to deliver trusted, affordable service to the nation. Its business model worked well because mail volume increased steadily as the nation grew. In recent years, however, as customer preferences have rapidly evolved and new technology has changed how Americans communicate and transact ...
Implications of Declining Mail Volumes for the Financial Sustainability of the Postal Service
Updated Thu Jul 02 10:22:50 MDT 2015
Annual mail volume peaked in 2006 at 213 billion pieces. Since then, the number of mail pieces has declined substantially.